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02-Nov-2016 19:17

My friends — Stephanie from home and a local we met along our adventures named Michael — and I finally find some seats, although the tables are uncomfortably close, forcing us to press our backs against others as we eat.

Despite the fact Ghana is a very inexpensive country for most westerners, the Accra Mall food court is pricey, as you’ll find many of the capital’s business professionals and middle and upper classes spending their free time here.

While Ghana is a beautiful country with a mountain- and waterfall-filled landscape, upbeat music adding positivity to the streets, and gorgeous handmade textiles in bold patterns, there is also a lot of government corruption and poverty.

Not only would marrying a westerner give a local the opportunity to become more financially stable, but also the ability to pursue career talents not possible in Ghana.

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Literally, they different and stand out as such – different clothes, accent obviously and even scent (which is very nice, just to clarify) – hence making them desired, possibly more than they actually deserve to be. This is why I almost think I’ve misheard when the man turns to the woman — still seated in his plastic white chair — and asks the question every girl dreams of hearing (although usually not at a fast food join), “Will you marry me?

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