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Here is a screenshot of the two news sites crossing swords on Facebook via their respective Facebook accounts: It is interesting to note that the quarrel was sparked by the reporting of the traffic accident involving local celebrity, Rui En.Rui En has since issued an apology through her management agency, Hype Records, and shared her side of the story.I am saying this because I have worked with SPH previously and also have experiencing running my own content sites like and Asia361 [Correction: When Chen Hanwei mentioned that he had "graduated", it was in reference to the fact that it was his 10th win and he is no longer eligible for the popularity award.Back in the 90s, when I was still sort of a journalist, I was asked to interview a boss of some company for a profile piece.I was told that the boss would be expecting my call. What I meant was "I'm told he is expecting my call".We are sorry for the error.]Christopher Lee and Rui En at the emotionally-charged Star Awards 2013 on Sunday." data-reactid="25"The highly coveted Best Actor and Best Actress went to hot favourites Christopher Lee and Rui En at the emotionally-charged Star Awards 2013 on Sunday.

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It all started when Mothership published an article with a sensational headline, “SPH got rid of articles alleging Rui En was drink-driving”, giving the impression that some form of censorship had occured.

That was why the now defunct The Real Singapore site kept stirring shit, including seditious shits, to maximise the site’s earnings from online advertisements.

From my own standpoint, I do not think Asia One or Mothership are doing this to earn more views or to get more money.

All proceeds from phone calls made in support of Huang in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Awards were donated to a charity of Huang's family's choice.

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Despite the generally sombre tone of many speeches, Sunday's Star Awards had many unexpected light-hearted, cheeky, and heartwarming moments.In the article, Mothership claimed that SPH had removed references of drink-driving from articles on Straits and Asia, and had also made changes to the headlines without notifying readers.