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13-Nov-2016 21:48

During our visit we saw or heard nothing like that.But I have read that police occasionally use internet sting operations to bust gays. During our three weeks of traveling around Uzbekistan (by car, train, bus and plane; sorry no camels) we traveled as a couple with no questions asked–that is, until one of our several designated tour drivers, Serge, a 60ish former officer in the army, chauffeured us to a historic site for viewing.

(It’s ironic that due to the harsh repression of homosexuality new gay HIV infections are low.) Needless to say being arrested or incarcerated in this country is rough, dangerous and harmful to one’s health so most people behave as ordered with little overt crime or disturbance by the common man.If our (straight) driver was nervous about my taking photos of bridges or tunnels, at a long distance in a moving car where being seen as very unlikely, then being seen as queer is uppermost in the mind of every LGBT citizen living in Uzbekistan’s cities and villages.Despite occasional scary headlines of “arrests and abuses of citizens by the police for having an intimate relationship with another man”, there is no active witch hunt for gays in the bars, clubs, sports venues or universities.There is no visibility because there is no chance to be visible. One day as we sat at a cafe having tea and cake we were seated two tables away from a pair of policemen having coffee when suddenly they were alerted to a problem and sprang from their seats and ran off to deal with the disturbance. All policemen carry a hand gun and a phone device so if there is anything unusual a dozen policemen will be on the scene within minutes.

(photo left, Tashkent: Richard and Michael by statue of Tamerlane) That said, it is rare to find a LGBT citizen serving jail time for a sex crime, first because two people have to be caught in the act by a witness and, more often, the offense is handled on the spot with a fistful of som money.

But there are NO newspapers here with outside news; no TV stations that broadcast foreign events, except in upper class hotels with international TV channels, such as ours.