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Noel was visibly upset as he was forced to amputate in a bid to save Bella's life, but she then went on to develop a life threatening infection.

Bella's immune system started to shut down and she was unable to fight the infection spreading through her system.

However, the dog has problems with its knees and struggles to walk, so the pressure is on for Noel Fitzpatrick to restore it back to full health.

Plus, an Irish setter has a cancerous tumour in its front leg, and a cat needs its jaw wiring back together after being hit by a car Noel tries to fix a cocker spaniel's leg problems by fitting two bionic back feet, before launching a series of investigations into what is causing a cat to drag its leg.

The Surrey based vet had amputated Bella's leg in a bid to alleviate her lingering injuries after she was run over in a farm yard accident a year earlier, but the risky procedure saw the dog develop a life threatening infection, and her family were told there was nothing more to be done.

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The family had decided against an earlier amputation recommended by another vet, but Fitzpatrick told them it could be the only option left if a pioneering 3D titanium scaffold implant that could grow bone with stem cells didn't work.Cannot even begin to explain how many tears I cried.Heartbreaking.'Other fans of the show flocked to Twitter to express their sorrow: 'Just cried my eyes out after watching The #Supervet.Plus, a Westie puppy with a fractured knee arrives, but it cannot keep still Pioneering veterinarian Noel Fitzpatrick plans to use groundbreaking cell technology to repair damaged cartilage in a 10-month-old golden retriever that helps a five-year-old girl cope with epilepsy.

A cat arrives at the surgery with a suspected rat bite that seems to be getting bigger, and a whippet is brought in after being hit by a car - sustaining multiple pelvic fractures A boxer dog is brought in with extensive injuries to its pelvis and hind legs from a road accident.

Meanwhile, the vet finds himself in a tricky situation while performing replacement surgery on a seven-year-old spaniel with hip problems, and a Winchester Prison sniffer dog that is lame in both elbows is brought to the surgery A one-year-old St Bernard suffering with hip dysplasia is brought to the clinic by the Warden family.

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